Waterproof Over Laminate ROLL - Semi-Gloss Clear - 12" x 30' (10 yards)

Regular price $34.56

Weight 2.00 lbs
Size 12" x 30' (10 yards)
Color Semi-Gloss Clear
Adhesive Permanent
Quantity 1 Roll
Core Size 2"


General Description:

This semi-glossy cold contact over-laminate is designed to not only protect your inkjet or laser output from physical damage, UV damage, and chemical damage. The semi-gloss finish is designed to maintain the original look of your image without altering the finished look by making it either too glossy, or too matte. The laminate has the effect of enhancing the colors of your art and text, providing extra depth and visual clarity. With a cold laminate such as this there is no need for special equipment. Simply peel the laminate from the paper backing and apply it to your artwork.


Our glossy over-laminate can be used to protect any inkjet or laser printer output. From protecting bumper stickers from UV radiation and the effects of the weather to protecting classroom art from little fingers. Don't put your art out to the world naked, cover it with one of our many sheet laminates.