Rub-On Decal Tack 4fl. oz.


Weight 0.30 lbs
Size 4 Fluid Ounces
Color Clear
Adhesive N/A
Quantity 1 Bottle


Use with our Rub-On decal paper.

The Rub-on Decal Paper (media) can be used to make clear permanent production decals. The Rub-On decals will adhere to almost any substrate including; most types of plastic, metal, glass, marble, slate, unpainted wood, any painted substrate, great on most types of textured interior walls (nock-down finish), ceramic bisque, porcelain bisque, any glazed or unglazed fired ceramic or porcelain, glass, most type of wax candles, and fiberglass.

Why use rub-on inkjet decal instead of self adhesive clear vinyl or water-slide decal?

The rub-on decal media offers certain advantages over waterslide decal paper and self-adhesive inkjet vinyl. Rub-on decals provide greater water resistance than water-slide decals not to mention clear inkjet vinyl, The rub-on decals are also thinner than vinyl and less prone to mechanical damage that may occur by the handling and use. The rub-on decals are also great to make permanent thin decals that almost look like they are printed on the substrate of the item they are used on. Water-slide decals are ideal for decorative items and hobby arts & craft creations whereas the rub-on transfer is a better choice for productions items. Rub-on decals will stick well to almost any substrate. Papilio Rub-on decals will accept almost any type of clear top coating. The Papilio rub-on decal media has been tested with and shows good compatibility with the following clear top coats; Oil Enamel, Acrylic, Epoxy, and two part Urethane.









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