Polyfocus Overlaminate 6"x12" 25 Sheets



Size 6"x12"
Color Clear / Transparent
Finish Satin
Adhesive Permanent
Quantity 25


General Description:

Duradecal’s Waterproof Over-laminate sheets are designed to peel and stick to a wide variety of substrates and make document and artwork protection quick and esasy. Waterproof Overlaminate provides a semi-gloss finish as well as UV and water protection to your docutments. 

General Usage Instructions:

On the laminate sheet, peel away approximately 1 inch of liner, exposing the adhesive on the back side of the sheet and leaving the rest of the liner in place.
Line up the exposed adhesive with the edge of the intended target, allowing the laminate sheet to overhang the target. This will ease installation by not having to have all edges of sheets be 100% matched correctly.

Once properly aligned, adhere the exposed adhesive of the laminate to the target and rub firmly to ensure best bond. With one hand on top of the front side (or plastic ruler for best results) gently push the laminate sheet towrads the unlaminated side of your document while using your hand below to gently pull the liner. Effectively, your top hand should be smoothing out the laminate and adhering it to your document at the same time, seperating the liner from the back to cover your inteded document. The hand below is used to guide the liner as it is pushed away and remove it when your document is fully covered. Installing in this manner helps reduce the risk of trapping air bubbles between the document and laminate.

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