Laser Temporary Tattoo Kit - 8.5 in x 11 in - 5 Sheets Adhesive / 5 Sheet Carrier


Size 8.5" x 11"
Color Clear
Adhesive Removable
Quantity 5 Sheet Carrier + 5 Sheet Adhesive


General Description: Inkjet Clear Waterslide Decal Paper

Create your own temporary tattoos using your color laser printer. Using our temporary tattoo paper and transfer adhesive sheets you can create durable, colorful, temporary tattoos for everything from birthday parties to plays or costumes. Water resistant and yet easily removable with baby oil. This kit contains everything you need to make your temporary tattoos. Five sheets of tattoo paper and five sheets of transfer adhesive.
Not suitable for children 12 and under

Note: It is critically important when testing laser media for compatibility that you always print using a "Plain Paper" setting. This allows the printers fuser to stay at the lowest temperature setting, preventing the media from getting too hot and possibly separating from the liner. Always follow the instructions very carefully with any self-adhesive laser media.
Applications: Papilio Inkjet Clear Waterslide Decal Paper

A wide variety of customers use our temporary tattoo papers for all kinds of interesting applications. From TV & movie studios to parents who want to create customized tattoos for their children's birthday party. We have even seen temporary tattoos decorated with the names of the bride and groom for wedding parties. So let your imagination run wild, and start making your own temporary tattoos today.




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