Glossy Laser Waterproof White Removable Adhesive Vinyl (Sticker Poly Film)


Removable Adhesive Glossy White ultra-cling film for color laser printers.  

This paper MUST be used in laser printers that can print on thick paper stock such as greeting cards, business card stock, flexible magnetic paper and similar.

This media is the perfect for creating your own custom production labels or bumper stickers. It is broadly compatible with most newer color laser printers.

This media is recommended for Hewlett Packard Desktop Color Laser Printers with by-pass tray, that can print on business card stock or paper heavier or thicker than plain copy paper.  Use printer setting 150G (GSM)

Not intended to stay for long on painted interior wall or wall-paper. As with other production supplies is is important that you the user make tests using your printing methods and application before large production run.

LWGWR has replaced SKU LBLGWR


This removable adhesive laser printable white vinyl is ideal for creating unique one of a kind production labels or bumper stickers. This media allows you to change your labeling or packaging on the fly, providing greater flexibility and eliminating the need to purchase large quantities of labels or stickers ahead of time.

SKU LWGWR ( replaces LBLGWR)
Size 8.5" x 11"
Color Gloss White
Adhesive Removable
Quantity 1, 10, 100

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