General Description:   

With this media you can make professional looking, clear, ultra removable labels or stickers. Ideal for clear interior window clings, or for white interior window clings when paired with a masking spray. Use our Ultra Cling material for any type of sign you wish to be self-adhesive and yet easily removable and reusable.


The most popular application for this media is for interior window stickers or decals.

Note: When making window stickers such as car parking permit you must print a mirror image and cover up with white window masking spray.

Link to a video explaining this process.

Using the Ultra Cling material and your inkjet printer you have everything you need to make clear window decals. Our customers use these decals for parking permits, oil change stickers, and organization or club automobile badges. Perfect for school fundraisers or ultra removable signs for any business office.

Complementary Products:

To provide your interior window cling or sign with a white background use any white aerosol acrylic or oil enamel aerosol paint. This provides the white background usually provided by the white color of paper. This is required for interior window clings which have white text or images. This media works well in any home or business dye based inkjet printer.

Weight 0.75 lbs
Size 8.5" x 11"
Color Clear / Transparent 
Adhesive Removable
Quantity 1, 10, 100


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