Inkjet Model Builder's Kit


Weight 1.00 lbs
Size 8.5" x 11"
Color Clear / White
Adhesive Gelatin Based / Permanent
Quantity 9 Sheets + 2oz Decal Fixative


General Description:

Papilio's Model Builders Introductory Pack, designed specifically with scale modeler's in mind. The kit includes:

Our Clear Inkjet Water-Slide Decal Paper (3 Sheets)
Our Glossy Clear Inkjet Vinyl (3 Sheets)
Our White Waterproof Vinyl (3 Sheets)
Liquid Decal Fixative (2 Fl Oz)
Foam Applicators (6)

These products give you the ability to make decals of both the self-adhesive and water-slide variety to bring your models to life with a new level of customization you've only been imagining. With this kit, you can make it a reality. Use the clear water-slide decals to produce decals very similar to those found in modeling kits, using your own designs. Use the clear and white vinyls allow for self-adhesive vinyl decals to be made for areas where water-slide may be problematic, or for a quicker application. Whether it's scale modeling, or RC building, this kit can be your solution to decal customization!


Customers typically purchase our Model Builders Introductory pack to familiarize themselves with our product line, and how our media in combination with an inkjet printer can be used to make extremely customized models, or reproduction decals for long since discontinued products.

Complementary Products:

To make mounting water-slide decals a breeze (especially larger designs) use our Decal Mounting Fluid, this lubricates the surface of the substrate, preventing tearing and stretching. To remove air bubbles and wrinkles from your water-slide decals during application a Rubber Decal Squeegee is a must have tool.










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Category: Inkjet, RCM02

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