Inkjet Backlit Film - Opaque - 8.5 in x 11 in


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Inkjet Back Lit Film

A specially coated non adhesive PET film which is designed to create back lit displays or for use in other applications where back lighting is desired. This film is non adhesive, to make it more broadly compatible with many applications, however if you wish to make it self adhesive we recommend using our transfer adhesive sheets typically used with our temporary tattoo paper.
For added durability and UV protection a sheet or aerosol over laminate is recommended. We offer a wide variety of sheet laminates, as well as our LLA5000 aerosol UV spray laminate.

General Description:
Make dazzling back lit displays by using this special back-lit inkjet film. This semi-translucent film allows for light to pass through the media creating a back lit effect. This media works with any inkjet printer, including the Epson DuraBrite line and other solvent based printers.
Suitable for any project where you wish to illuminate your artwork or text from behind. This film takes advantage of inkjet inks semi-transparent nature to allow light to pass through the film, and also to pass through the ink to a degree. Some of our customers have used this product to create back lit lamps of nature scenes, and personal photos.
Size 8.5" x 11"
Color Opaque
Adhesive N/A
Quantity 1 Sheet








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