For best results, use this decal fixative together with our waterslide decal paper. Papilio Decal Fixative gives much better results that using some of the commercial available acrylic and or oil enamel. Some brands of acrylic spray will simply NOT give good results.

Papilio Clear Decal Fixative is a clear top coat specially made for use as decal fixative for waterslide decal paper. The Papilio Clear Decal Fixative is used as clear finishing solution used to seal in the inkjet "ink" before water is applied to release the waterslide decal. As the decal fixative dries it formes a clear film and can therefor be used as decal fixative for both clear AND white decal paper.

Our customers have reported mixed results using commercially available clear Aerosol Spray. One of the most common problem when using clear Acrylic spray is hairline cracks that develop over time yellowing and the fact that the coating becomes brittle over time. The most common complains problems when using Oil Enamels, are slow drying time and yellowing.

When using the Papilio Clear Decal Fixative you will be able to make strong (yet thin) decals that will remain flexible and will not yellow. Also decals made using the Papilio Clear Decal Fixative will last years longer most inexpensive acrylic spray and even oil enamel.

Don't forget to order also decal mounting fluid and rubber decal squeegee for professional results. 

Weight 0.55 lbs
Size 4 Fluid Ounces
Color Clear
Adhesive N/A
Quantity 1 Bottle

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