DASH60 Laser Clear Waterslide Sheets - 8.5 in. x 11 in.

Regular price $13.15

Size 8.5" x 11"
Color Clear
Adhesive Water Based Side Film. Use also mounting fluid.
Quantity 10, 100
Finish Glossy
Thickness to be updated
Outdoor Life N/A
Ink Type Laser toner
Tools Needed Laser printer
Liner Film on 125 GSM paper


General Description:

Now you can create all of your waterslide decals using your color laser printer. Our PAS4 media works with most newer, high heat, color laser printers as well as various older model color laser printers. With laser waterslide decals you don't need to fix the toner to the film, like with inkjet decals. Save yourself the extra time and expense involved with fixatives and step up to laser decals today.

Note: It is critically important when testing laser media for compatibility that you always print using a "Plain Paper" setting. This allows the printers fuser to stay at the lowest temperature setting, preventing the media from getting too hot and possibly separating from the liner. Always follow the instructions very carefully with any self-adhesive laser media.


We have customers who use our waterslide decals for all kinds of projects. Restoring antique watches, clocks, stoves, and even boat motors. Creating custom art for motorcycle helmets, bicycles, and car graphics. Modelers off all sorts use our waterslide decal papers to create custom decals for their model cars, boats, planes, trains, trolley cars, and even robots & rockets. Don't settle for pre-made decals customize your project using our decal media and your color laser printer.

Complementary Products:

To make mounting decals a breeze (especially larger designs) use our Decal Mounting Fluid this lubricates the surface of the substrate, preventing tearing and stretching. To remove air bubbles and wrinkles from your decals during application a Rubber Decal Squeegee is a must have tool.