Contouring Removable White Inkjet Waterproof Vinyl

 Removable Adhesive 

    Note: Removable Adhesive.  Must be used in inkjet printers that can print on thick stock such as business card stock and magnetic paper. Just like it's predecessor, our new Contouring White Waterproof Vinyl has many of the same features, but also hits on some strong points that make it a unique, stand-out media all on it's own. Papilio's new formulation allows for brighter, more vibrant prints. A low-profile ensures exceptional contouring ability and reduces jamming substantially. As always, the waterproofing ability of Papilio's inkjet vinyls are unparalleled and our new Contouring White Waterproof Vinyl is no exception. For new customers and returning alike, we are proud to welcome this outstanding new vinyl to our product line.

    Whether you want to use your inkjet printer to make bumper stickers or waterproof production labels our white waterproof vinyl will allow for you to create durable, waterproof, permanent adhesive labels and stickers, using only your home or business inkjet printer. This unique vinyl material allows for waterproof inkjet output even though most inkjet inks are water soluble. The special finish featured on this media is stained by the ink in the same way a t-shirt is stained by fruit juice. This media works with any inkjet printer, including the Epson DuraBrite line and other solvent based printers. Applications: Many customers use our white waterproof vinyl to make their own customized bumper stickers. Why pay to have a huge quantity of a stickers created, make as few or as many as you want, right now using only the printer you already own, and this media. This media makes more than just bumper stickers however, hard hat logos, vehicle graphics, motorcycle graphics, and colorful scrap book stock are just a few of the uses our customers have for this media.

    Complementary Products: To provide an extra level of water fastness, UV protection, and enhanced durability use either our Aerosol Laminate Spray or our Waterproof Sheet Laminate. 

    Size 8.5" x 11" & 11" x 17" 
    Color White
    Adhesive Removable
    Quantity 1, 10, 100
    Finish Matte
    Outdoor Life Depends on Lamination
    Ink Type Dye, Pigment, Solvent
    Tools Needed Inkjet printer
    Liner 90#
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