General Description:

Unlike typical oil-enamel based white spray paint, this window masking spray provides a white background for your window clings yet is still translucent enough to allow the design to be seen from the reverse side. This makes cutting your decals out of the sheet much easier. If you are making clings for resale, it allows
 the end user to view the product before purchasing. This product essentially provides the missing white background that inkjet printers expect to have when printing. Since inkjet printers lack a white ink, they rely on the media they are printing on to provide the white you see in your pictures and text. This spray allows for the printing of window clings on clear self-adhesive film such as our ultra cling.


The most popular use for this item is for pairing with our Clear Ultra Cling medias. This allows for the creation of custom window clings such as parking stickers, oil change stickers, or club/organization window badges. This spray can be partnered with our more permanent adhesive medias such as our Glossy Clear Inkjet Vinyl or Adhesive Window
Film.Use with Papilio clear media types over the top of your printed image to produce a white backdrop for use in placing decals on the inside of windows. This ensures that the decal will be viewable from the outside looking in, eliminating the distraction of a chaotic background.


Compatible Products:

We recommend pairing this product with our various Ultra Cling materials, such as the inkjet ultra removable glossy clear vinyl, color laser ultra removable polyester / general laser ultra removable polyester for laser printers. 

Weight 0.97 lbs
Size 12 Fluid Ounces
Color White
Adhesive Permanent
Quantity 1 Can


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