Aerosol LLA5000 UV Laminate Spray - 12fl. oz


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Papilio's LLA5000 UV Laminate Spray is a high gloss, clear finish coating for decals and other printed media to help prevent sun fading and increase water resistance. Specially formulated to work with other Papilio products, this laminate spray can be used with inkjet or laser printed media without risk of harming the print. In addition to providing extra UV and water resistance, a thick coating of LLA5000 UV Laminate Spray may also increase the physical protection of your printed designs, preventing them from being scratched easily or otherwise marked.

A premium product, each 12 fluid ounce can of LLA5000 Laminate Spray comes with a fine mist spray nozzle attached and replacement nozzles included. This allows the end-user to get the most out of each can by reducing clogging and restricting flow.

Dries clear. Will not fade or yellow.


Papilio's LLA5000 UV Laminate Spray is highly recommended for any inkjet media that will be used outdoors in sunlight or water. LLA5000 may be used for decal finishing, water sealing,  physical protection of printed works and more!

Complementary Products:

We highly recommend using this spray with our White Waterproof Vinyl (WVF8511) since it is used primarily for bumper stickers or outdoor vinyl decals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the LLA5000 Laminate Spray toxic?

LLA5000 is an aerosol containing a mixture of chemicals that are to be considered Toxic. It is extremely important that when working with LLA5000 that you do so in a well ventilated area and wear proper Personal Protective Equipment such as masks and respirators. 

How many sheets will one can last?

This is very difficult to determine, as sometimes a thicker coating is required than others, but a general rule of thumb would be 1 can for every 10 sheets of material, 8.5" x 11". This will afford you both a light primary coating and a secondary, thicker one.

How long will LLA5000 extend the life of my decal?

As there are too many variables with each and every individual situation, this is too difficult to accurately determine. The durability of your decals and their resistance to sun light and weather is going to be comprised mostly by the quality of your inks. No inkjet ink will last forever in sun light!

Is it better to spray my decal before application, or apply my decal and then spray?

This depends on your situation. The benefit to sealing a decal after it has been applied to the target is that you get a nice coating along the seams of the decal, which prevent the adhesive from being worn by weather, in addition to protecting the inks of the decal itself. Most times however, it is not feasible to coat both the decal and the surface it is intended to go on, so spray the full sheets may be the better option for you. Either will work.

Special Notes:

This product can not be shipped outside of the lower 48 United States. International / Non-Domestic orders containing chemical components may not be shipped! Chemical and Aerosol components will be removed and refunded from non-domestic orders prior to shipping. These credits / refunds will be reverted to the original source of payment. IE: Paypal, or credit / debit card used.

Aerosols and Chemical components may ONLY be shipped by UPS Ground. USPS and UPS expedited options are NOT available and will be automatically changed to UPS Ground.

Weight 0.97 lbs
Size 12 Fluid Ounces
Color Clear / Gloss Clear
Adhesive Permanent
Quantity 1 Can

UV aerosol. Clear acrylic spray. Clear aerosol laminate. Clear acrylic aerosol. 

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