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General Description:
Flexible crystal clear decal film. Will NOT yellow and will stay clear and flexible for years.

Our own aerosol decal fixative, specially formulated for use with inkjet water-slide decals. The ultra-fine mist nozzle featured on this product makes an even coating of the material much easier, preventing problems with white spots and cracking continually encountered with some off the shelf products which can be used as a decal fixative, but which weren't designed with that purpose in mind. When efficiency is important, look no further than this can - it's both easier to apply, and requires much less cure time than liquid fixatives.


This aerosol decal fixative was designed specifically for use as a decal fixative for our IAS & WIAS inkjet water-slide decal media. It is possible to use this product to fix ink onto other papers or films, such as our Ultra Cling or Static Cling material, however we recommend our LLA5000 spray laminate for this purpose, as it also provides a UV barrier and a higher degree of protection from chemical damage.

Complementary Products:

Use this product with our Clear Inkjet Water-Slide Decal Paper (IAS) or our White Inkjet Water-Slide Decal Paper (WIAS) to set the ink to the media, allowing for submersion in water, which allows the decal to separate from the paper backing.  

Weight 0.97 lbs
Size 9 and 12 Fluid Ounces
Color Clear
Adhesive Permanent
1 Can
Finish Glossy


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