PAS4 Instructions Laser Printer Water Slide Decal Paper

This paper MUST be used in laser printers that can print on thick paper stock such as greeting cards, business card stock, flexible magnetic paper and similar.


1) For professional usage we strongly recommend using Hewlett Packard desktop color laser printers
2) Print setting (paper type) should be 150g Glossy Brochure (or similar) Select this setting from the print pop up window, look for “paper type” or “print settings” or similar, to control paper or media type. The default print setting assumes your are printing on regular copy paper. When using the default setting the toner may not fully fuse and/or “offsetting” (image faint duplicating) may occur.
NOTE: using other printer types(not recommended) start with plain paper setting, if toner wipes off select gradually thicker paper setting. Do not select extra heavy paper or glossy paper type, unless trying thinner stock first.
3) Do NOT put a stack of this paper in the closed paper tray but load each sheet by hand using the bypass tray. If the bypass tray has a paper feeding support, then placing few sheets thee may work fine.
4) Copy/Print on to the coated side of the media (the glossy side).
5) Remove printed sheets frequently from the exit tray as excessive build up of printed sheets may cause build up of static electricity and exit jam due to sheets clinging together

1) Assuming you have several or many decal on one sheet then use scissors to cut out each individual decal before proceeding to the water process.
2) Water. If your water supply is “hard water” then use distilled water.
3) Water must be WARM but not hot.
4) Submerse each decal in the water. The decal will roll up and the straighten out again. Allow anywhere from 20 seconds to 70 seconds or more for decal to loosen from the paper.
5) Remove from the water while the decal is still attached to the paper but loose.
6) Line up the decal while still on the paper and slide the edge of the decal film off the paper and onto the item you are decorating. Let this edge of the decal film make contact and then slide the paper from under the decal and discard.

* Do lot leave decals too long in the water as they will separate from paper and loose the water based adhesive.
* Order decal mounting fluid if you are working with large decals. This will enable you to line up or re position large decals on the substrate.
* Using a decal squeegee is extremely important for greatly improved adhesion and to remove micro scale air bubbles and all water. This process can NOT be achieved using your fingers, credit card or paper towel.