Free Software Label Helper

*** Yes It's 100% FREE *** 
The software development and updates has been moved to for the latest updates and to download.
In December 2011 we  changed the name of our label printing software from Label Manager to Label helper. The new Label Helper has several new features, such as vector templates, improved image control and much more.
  • NEW
 Insert different images on different labels, on the same pre-cut label sheet.
  • NEW Insert multiplies images on same label, and move to front, back.
  • NEW Improved cloning function Now clone specific labels to "specific" label spaces.
  • NEW Vector templates.
  • NEW  Templates for soft fold-together-boxes.
  • Barcode printing. Now you can print most industrial barcodes. Generate barcode on top of label image.
  • Print different barcodes and even different barcode "types" on the SAME page.
  • Text editing. Edit and move text on top of you background image.
  • Change font size and color on top of background image.
  • Background color. Select background color for labels with or without an image.
  • Rotate image.
  • Fade out image. Image can be faded out (0% to 100%) and used as background. Clone labels.
  • Mirror Image (mirror image and text) Helpful for Window Cling Label using white masking paint.
  • Color picker. Select solid back-ground color or pick color from image to "blend in".
  • PDF file utility. Generate PDF document for universal printer compatibility. 
  • Turn labels On/OFF. In other words save on ink and/or labels "spaces" by turning printing On/OFF for selected labels.
  • Comes with un-install utility. In other words...If you don't like this software for any reason… we make it easy for you un-install it.