General Description:

Achieve bright, colorful, metallic effects never before possible at home. With our heat activated metallic transfer foils you can add metallic accents to your certificates, diplomas, invitations, or any other project or art piece that is capable of receiving laser toner.

First print your image and/or text with a monochrome laser printer or copier, next attach a strip of the foil to the area you wish to accent with metallic color, then either run the sheet through a laminator or  use a domestic iron to transfer the foil, then just remove the foil and the areas that were black, are now a brilliant metallic.


Most of our customers use our transfer foils for adding accents to existing pieces of art or work. One customer adds metallic accents to her poetry before displaying it, some customers use this foil to accent their wedding invitations or party invitations. Don't settle for plain black text, add metallic highlights without spending a fortune.

SKU CTF42155
Weight 0.30 lbs
Size 4" x 55'
Color Copper Metallic
Adhesive Heat Transfer
Quantity 1 Roll


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