3D Hold Heat Activated Coating 9-12 fl. oz



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General Description:

Specialty aerosol made to adhere 3D printed models to the print surface / substrate. 


The 3D Hold Aerosol is a  special clear coating that  changes surface tension depending on heat.

These properties make is excellent to affix thermoplastic to the print substrates. When the print table is warm the coating will bond with the melted print filament and then when cooled down is is easy to remove the model using regular procedures. 

When used on glass substrate thin film of the coating may remain on the model being printed but can be left on as the coating is clear and will not yellow or become brittle.

Build up 3D Hold residue can be removed from the print substrate using Acetone and Xylene. We recommend Xylene as Acetone evaporates quickly, but acetone works faster.  50/50 mixture of these solvents would be ideal removing agent.

Weight 0.97 lbs
Size 9 and 12 Fluid Ounces
Color Clear
Adhesive Permanent
1 Can
Finish Glossy


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