Inkjet Clear RC Waterslide Decal Kit - Clear - 8.5 in x 11 in - 5 Sheets Clear + 2oz. Decal Mounting Fluid + 2oz. Decal Fixative

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General Description:
Apply to new Monocote or use rubbing alcohol to de-grease the area where you intend to apply the decal.

We have customers who use our water-slide decals for all kinds of projects, including antique restoration, custom art for motorcycle helmets, adding designs to bicycles, and even car graphics. Scale modelers of all sorts use our water-slide decal papers to create custom decals for their model cars, boats, planes, trains, trolley cars - even robots & rockets. Don't settle for pre-made decals, customize your project using our decal media and your inkjet printer.

Complementary Products:

A simple yet very effective tool for making decal application easier, particularly for the application of larger decals, is a Rubber Decal Squeegee. This allows you to remove all air bubbles from between your decal and substrate. While not necessary, the squeegee is very helpful and we recommend it for beginners or those just getting into design and producing their own decals.

Weight 0.75 lbs
Size 8.5" x 11"
Color Clear
Adhesive Gelatin Based
Quantity 5 Sheets Clear + 2oz. Decal Mounting Fluid + 2oz. Decal Fixative
Finish glossy clear
Thickness Film .0015" .0012mm +/- .0002mm
Outdoor Life Not intended for estended outdoor use
Ink Type Dye Based, Pigment, Hybrid
Tools Needed Inkjet printer.
Liner 125 GSM paper


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