White Inkjet Waterside Decal Paper Made In USA.

The Papilio WHITE Water Slide Decal Paper is specially formulated with crystal clear inkjet receptive film to give professional and beautiful results when  used in Hewlett Packard desktop inkjet printers using dye based inkjet-ink. 

Please note Printers using pigmented and/or archivable inks may work but are not recommend. 

With Papilio Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper and your own desktop inkjet printer, you can create customized, vibrant decals for a great many number of projects. These decals are ultra-thin and look as though they were painted on, rather than have that "sticker" look. This unique media is not a peel and stick solution, instead, the paper itself is the adhesive. When combined with water, the adhesive becomes active and you can slide the decals onto most smooth surfaces, such as glass, plastics, or ceramics.  

Papilio Inkjet Clear Waterslide decal paper is ideal for applications where the target surface is light colored.

As inkjet inks are water soluble, it is of critical importance that the decals be water-sealed after printing using a fixative. Papilio offers Decal Fixative in both a liquid and aerosol format, to allow you to choose which works best for you and your application. This Decal Fixative acts as a water barrier and will prevent water from contacting the ink, washing it away. 

Customers who use Papilio Inkjet Waterslide Decal paper use them for a wide variety of projects. Everything from restoring antique watches, clocks, stoves, and even boat motors. Creating custom art for motorcycle helmets, bicycles, and car graphics. Modelers off all sorts use our waterslide decal papers to create custom decals for their model cars, boats, planes, trains, trolley cars, and even robots & rockets. Don't settle for pre-made decals, customize your project using Papilio Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper and your own inkjet printer.

Complementary Products:  

Inkjet decals require a fixative to seal the ink to the decal film (for submersion in water), we have both an aerosol and liquid fixative available for your convenience. The aerosol fixative provides a faster drying time, and the liquid fixative provides the ultimate in professional looking results. 

Size 8.5" x 10" 
Adhesive Water Based
Quantity 10 sheets per pack
Finish WHITE
Thickness Film .0015" .0012mm +/- .0002mm
Outdoor Life N/A
Ink Type Dye-based ink and some hybrid inks
Tools Needed HP Inkjet Printer,Squeegee, Decal Fixative
Liner 125 GSM paper


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