Decal Mounting Fluid - 2 fl. oz. or 32. fl. oz.


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General Description:

This mounting fluid will improve the application process of the water slide decal especially when working with larger decals.
Once applied the mounting fluid will make the substrate slippery and enable the decal to slide or move around freely to position it exactly where it goes.
When dry, the mounting fluid also provides a strong bond between the decal and the substrate.
The Clear Decal Mounting fluid can also be applied to the top of the decal. It is important to use a rubber decal squeegee to remove any water, mounting fluid or air bubbles from the decal.
The decal mounting fluid allows the rubber squeegee to move freely over the decal to prevent from tearing the decal by providing lubrication.

To ensure professional water slide decals, order the Decal Mounting Fluid and the Liquid Decal Fixative. Do not confuse the decal mounting fluid with the decal fixative. These are two different products.


Apply a few drops on top of the substrate to be decorated.
Spread the fluid around with your fingers.
Next apply the water slide decal in accordance with the instructions provided. Apply a few drops of the mounting fluid to the top of the decal.
Now move the decal until it is correctly positioned, then with one stroke of the rubber squeegee you should be able to "freeze" the decal in place.
Next use the squeegee to remove the remaining water, fluid and air bubbles.

The Clear Decal Mounting Fluid.

Greatly improves adhesion of water slide decals to most substrates.
Enables easy repositioning of larger decals
Prevents rubber decal squeegee from tearing decals.

Color Clear
Adhesive N/A
Quantity 1 Bottle


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